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Bambini Pediatrics PC

Marcia Veach CMA
Reception, billing apothecary.

Linda Sprankle
PCMH coordinator

R. Mark Sprankle -- Mark has been with Bambini since it was little more than a mission statement.  With an extensive background in network administration, system operations management, and -- more recently, -- electronic health records, Mark is both practice manager and information technology wiz for the practice.

Having lived through the process of turning Bambini  into a functioning medical practice, he knows first hand both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of establishing, then juggling, the many priorities involved in getting a medical practice airborne.  Mark may be available for consultant work on short term basis.   Click here to view his full CV.

Caitlin Service
Tidiness consultant

Christine Colombana
Medical records.

Lucy Perrone-Pflaum LPN
Primary nurse.

Angela Parise
Reception, scheduling, & referrals.

Susan Mortillo
Apothecary manager, accounts payable, interior design.

Donna Lyons LPN
Primary nurse, manages clinical supplies.

Lisa Dunn LPN
Primary nurse,

lab result contact

Eileen Morgan RN
Primary nurse,

triage leader.

Dionna O'Brien
Administrative Assistant, credentialing, & billing.

support Staff