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Wholesome Care for Kids

Bambini Pediatrics PC

Ask around -- our prices are competitive.  For a 60-count bottle of 500 mg krill oil, for instance, the apothecary charges $17.  At CVS, you would pay $30. But more importantly, some of the products Bambini stocks are hard, at times even impossible, to find in local stores (e.g. CBD oils). 

​So, stop by when you can.  Your child does not need to have an appointment to shop.  There’s no sales tax charged here.  If your child is our patient and your purchase is made using a health savings account (HSA or FSA), a statement of medical necessity may be obtained.

Looking for a product not found in our office apothecary?  Now you can access more than 15,000 items carried by Emerson Ecologics.   There are over 400 fish oil products alone!  Simply click on the image to the right, set up an account (less than a minute), and start shopping.  Free shipping for orders over $49.

Wellevate by Emerson Ecologics

Anti-orbital Ionic Calcium (AIC) is a novel supplement that may be helpful in auto-immune disorders, chronic Lyme, autism, cancer, osteopenia, and diabetes (click here for additional information).

The Bambini Apothecary

With our expanded apothecary, the potential for “one-stop shopping” with your child’s office visit has never been greater! We now stock over 300 products, including those often recommended by our practitioners, such as:
  • Vitamins – for infants, children, and young adults   
  • Herbals and homeopathics for cold and allergy (e.g. Umcka, Sinupret, Sambucus)   
  • Special supplements for kids with ADHD, anxiety, and autism   
  • Immune support products such as ProImmune.

We even stock a modest supply of pulse oximeters, nebulizers, dry bed alarms, Ear Bandits, Nose Fridas, and digital thermometers.  For more detail, click here.  

Have a question?  A special request?  Contact our apothecary coordinator here: If she can’t help, she will likely direct you to other local resources such as The Health Connection or House of Nutrition with whom we are well-acquainted.