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Bambini Pediatrics PC

Marcia Veach CMA
Medical billing department.

Amy Massa
Reception staff.

Linda Sprankle
PCMH & Quality Management

R. Mark Sprankle -- Mark has been with Bambini since it was little more than a mission statement.  With an extensive background in network administration, system operations management, and -- more recently, -- electronic health records, Mark is both practice manager and information technology wiz for the practice.

Having lived through the process of turning Bambini  into a functioning medical practice, he knows first hand both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of establishing, then juggling, the many priorities involved in getting a medical practice airborne.  Mark may be available for consultant work on short term basis.   Click here to view his full CV.

​Debra Ellis-Knauss
Reception staff.

​Marcia Richardson LPN
Nursing Staff.

​Megan Cox
Reception staff.

​Megan Levine LPN
Nursing staff.

​Ali Conger  LPN
Nursing staff.

Angela Parise
Reception, scheduling, & referrals.

Caitlin Service
Tidiness Captain

Donna Lyons LPN
 Care Manager

Lisa Dunn LPN
Lead nurse

Eileen Morgan RN
Primary nurse,

triage leader.

Dionna O'Brien
Administrative Assistant, credentialing, & billing.

support Staff