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Bambini Pediatrics PC

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"The online system let me book an appointment over the holiday weekend, and gave me piece of mind…. I found it very user friendly- more so then over the phone (less wait time, easy to see time slots available)."  ....Kerry, mother of three.

Features Currently Available:

  • Enter and update your child's demographic and contact information.
  • Enter and update your child's past medical, family and social history.
  • Request prescription refills.
  • Download your child's latest lab results.
  • Download a copy of immunizations received in our office for school or camp.
  • Download a summary of your child's medical record or send it to another doctor.
  • ​Communicate messages securely to and from our practitioners. This could include, for instance, requests for school excuse and permission notes.
  • Book your own appointments -- including e-visits (telemedicine consults) -- availability somewhat limited to due current volume.
  • Securely store credit card information and pay account balance.

Patient portal

Welcome to our patient portal! To use, your child must be an established patient. You will need an activation code to sign up. To obtain this code, please call the office
. For security, we need to verify your identity. Please include your child's DOB and their insurance ID number in your email request.