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Effective 2016, refill requests should be handled via the portal.  Alternatively, contact your pharmacy and have them submit an electronic refill request to us.  Refills can be requested by a phone call to the office but will not be handled as promptly.  


Examples include asthma and allergy meds, birth control, mood stabilizers, certain vitamins.  Your doctor or associate practitioner will pull & review your child’s chart.

If your child has been seen for a physical within the last year and a med check within the last six months, and is doing well, we will call in the refill for you and notify you by email or text message when it has been completed.  In some cases, the provider will call or message you to obtain additional information on your child’s status.  If you have asked us, for instance, to refill a med prescribed by a specialist because the doctor cannot be reached, we will definitely need additional information or an office visit.

The fee for refills without an office visit is $25-50 (depending on complexity, need for additional information, and number of medications).  Insurance companies typically require face-to-face care and do not cover this service.  This service is available only to established Bambini patients.  If a fee is required, it could be cared for through EasyPay (in portal) -- we will let you know.

Special Notation on Controlled Substances
​Examples include Concerta, Adderal, Focalin, and narcotic pain meds.  Your child must have been seen within the last 90 days for a med check.  In many cases (children on high doses or multiple medication), the last visit must be within 60 days.

Again, in some cases, the provider will call or email you to obtain additional information on your child’s status – especially if there had been a recent change in dosage.