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Telemedicine e-visits

  • For best results, it may be helpful to reboot your device before the call. 
  • ​Type in your child's name & click check-in.
  • ​Allow your browser access to camera & microphone.  Click the "start test" button in waiting room. 

Schedule & Prepare for an E-Visit

  1. Your child must have been physically seen at least once in our office.  At this time, all of our clinicians, including Dr. Malak, will be offering e-visits.
  2. Although New York State mandated coverage of telemedicine back in 2016 -- and expanded coverage during the corona-virus outbreak, we recommend you verify with your plan that e-visits will be covered.
  3. Rest is pretty simple:  call the office to schedule visit as you normally do (or use portal if you wish).  Be sure to request reasonable appointment length.  Most visits are 15 min ($50).
  4. If a payment is due, submit the fee through our Patient Portal or by Paypal at link above.  Be mindful that no-show fee will still apply if you fail to keep appointment.   If your insurance company does not cover the cost, you will be responsible for fee.
  5. ​A few minutes prior to scheduled e-visit, log in by clicking badge below and follow prompts.   

Telemedicine Success Tips
● Use an  iPhone or Android -- or PC / tablet with camera, microphone, and speakers.  Phones often seem to do a better job than desktops.  There is no App to download.
● Use headphones when possible so only you and the other person can hear your conversation.
● An internet connection with adequate bandwidth. Click to test your speed
Important! supports  Safari 11 (iPhone), Chrome (Android), and Firefox browsers. 

Welcome to the 21st century! Bambini is pleased to now offer e-visits. Sometimes referred to as telemedicine consultations or video chat, e-visits are:
  • convenient -- no need to fight traffic or sit in crowded waiting room -- esp here in the COVID-19 era!!
  • secure -- this is not simply Skype or Facetime with the doctor., the system we chose,  is HIPAA-compliant.
  • might  be covered by health insurance just like your regular office visits (see below).

Less Suitable for an E-Visit

  • Your daughter has sore throat, you are worried it's strep.  We will need to do a culture.
  • Your child has bad stomachache and you are thinking it could be appendicitis.  He may need CT or admission.
  • The baby has bad cold, teething, and grabbing ears.  We need to get a look at the eardrums. 

Concerns Suitable to an E-Visit

  • Your child need a follow-up visit for ADHD, Lyme, PANDAS, Hashimoto's, and other chronic ailments.
  • You drove two hours to Bambini last week for autism consult.  Labs were ordered.  You would like to discuss.
  • Your son is away at college and has flare of acne.  Would be important to have good webcam.
  • Your six year-old wakes with what looks like pink eye.  No other symptoms.  Two inches of snow coming.

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