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To help busy parents-to-be, we schedule these appointments in a 15 minute slot at the beginning of practitioner sessions.​ 

There's an awful lot to think about during the third trimester!  And in meeting a doctor / visiting a medical practice for the first time, one's mind can go blank.  So it may be helpful to have a list of concerns that often come up.  We hope you find the ones below useful:

Considered A Midwife?

Certified Midwives & Nurse Midwives are independent health care providers; they also work with other members of the health care team, such as physicians and nurses, to provide quality medical care. They offer general health care services, gynecology care, family planning, as well as maternity care (before, during, and after childbirth). They are covered by most insurances.  To find a midwife, click here.

Considered A Doula?
When doulas attend childbirths, studies show labors are shorter with fewer complications, and babies are healthier and breastfeed better.  Some links to check:

Questions You Might Want to Ask:    
  • Which hospital(s) do you have privileges at?    
  • What are your office hours?    
  • What if there is a problem after hours?   
  • How long do appointments last?  How far out are you booked? 

  • What can I do now to optimize the baby's health?    
  • Should the cord be clamped immediately, or delayed?    
  • How do you feel about the vitamin K shot?    
  • How long after delivery should a bath be given? 

  • What is your viewpoint on antibiotics?    
  • What is your general feeling about the hepatitis B shot?   
  • Do you answer non-urgent questions by e-mail?    
  • What books / websites do you suggest?

Questions We Might Ask You:

  • Dad's health?  Occupation?  Genetic concerns?   
  • Same for mom, plus maternity leave plans?   
  • Child care plans -- babysitter, daycare, other?   
  • Plan to breast feed?  How long? 


  • Safety concerns:  car seat, sleeping position?   
  • Circumcision planned?   
  • Your support systems?    
  • What is your feeling about herbal & homeopathic remedies?

prenatal visit

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