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Wholesome Care for Kids

Bambini Pediatrics PC

Post-Pandemic Precautions

  • Although masks are no longer routinely worn, ultraviolet sterilizers have been installed in the HVAC air handlers in both suites.   Exam rooms have additional UV sterilizers.
  • ​All exam room surfaces are treated with disinfectant between patients.  Moreover, the entire suites are treated by fogger from  EarthSafe.

IS Bambini right for your Family?

Why Come to Bambini?

  • Perhaps you have had previous favorable experience with its founder, Dr. Malak
  • You expect to enjoy the familiarity that a small group practice can bring
  • You have a budding interest in complementary medicine
  • You have received a vaccine schedule ultimatum at another practice

Why Hold Off?

  • You need a practice with extensive weekend and evening hours
  • You anticipate a need for extensive after-hours advice
  • You simply prefer a doctor that tells you what to do and what not to do
  • Your older daughter needs pelvic exams or frequent GYN care 

Please note that, at this time, we are not making rounds at any local hospitals (including nurseries).  Between working evenings, Saturdays, etc. -- we have had to recognize our limits.  We generally refer children that need inpatient care to Vassar, but have sent children directly from our office to Albany, Westchester, and beyond.

A Word About Associate Practitioners
As of May 2016, the Bambini medical staff consists of two pediatric nurse practitioners, one family nurse practitioner, two physician assistants, and one pediatric doctor (who is not currently seeing new patients).  Parents sometimes ask us two questions:  What is the difference between a doctor and a PA or NP?  And what is the difference between a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner?

Briefly, doctors have more extensive training than either PAs or NPs.  That sounds good, but you may have noticed that associate practitioners tend to spend a little more time with patients and might be less pre-occupied than their physician counterparts.

Physician assistants receive training that is a little more focused on urgent or even critical care whereas nurse practitioner training centers more so on primary care.  Just like doctors, some physician assistants and associate practitioners specialize in areas such as pediatrics; others maintain a broader focus.

The associate practitioners at Bambini are domestically-trained and experienced.  We find them to be intelligent, polite, and respectful.  We think you will too.