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Reminder:  Please do not use email for an urgent matter!

Key staff at Bambini are accessible by e-mail.  To reach one of us by this means, simply click on the name below:

Effective June 2016, please use portal to contact clinicians.  Please note that all correspondence with our practitioners, including digital photos, becomes a part of your child's medical record.  Clinicians typically check portal messages at least once daily while in the office.

Again, do not contact them about a patient care matter by direct email (even if you have done so in the past) -- as your email service may not be HIPAA-compliant.   

Key Staff
Amy M -- routine correspondence / medical records

Dionna O'brien -- billing concerns

R. Mark Sprankle-- practice manager (corporate matters)

Joseph T. Malak, MD-- physician-in-charge (for clinical matters)

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