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Fish oil faqS

How much should I give my hyperactive little fellow?

A simple rule of thumb is one tsp per 50 pounds of body weight per day.  If your son weighs around 25 pounds, that means either ½ tsp per day, or one could give about a tablespoon per week. 

At what age can I start?
There’s no research on this, so it’s a personal preference.  3 to 6 months or so after solids are introduced probably makes sense for most children.

Any ideas for getting my autistic, texture sensitive daughter to take the stuff?  Don’t ask me to taste it in front of her!
Don’t panic!  Fish oils on the market today aren’t that bad.  They can be mixed into stews, pureed vegetables, or smoothies.  Go with your child’s favorite foods, and blend it in.  If that doesn't work, apply to child's lower back.  It will absorb through the skin.

What’s better – cod liver oil or plain fish oil?
Both are a good source of DHA and EPA.  Cod liver oil also contains vitamins A and D.  Lately, we’re finding that most children are vitamin D deficient, so cod liver oil has an advantage there.  Some parents give fish oil in the summer, cod liver oil in winter.

Why should I give my kids fish oil – flaxseed oil is cheaper?
True, but flaxseed oil does not keep as well, especially if not refrigerated.  Moreover, our cells must convert flaxseed oil into DHA and EPA, and some of us do that better than others.

We’re vegan.  What do you think about algae oil?
Algae oil definitely worth a try, if you can find it.  Pricey, but cost is coming down.  As algae are lower on the foodchain, the concerns about sustainability and toxin accumulation that have been raised with other marine oils are greatly reduced. 

We’re on Medicaid.  We can’t afford fish oil.  Can you write us a script for Lovaza?
May be an option.  Would be considered an “off-label” indication.  Check with your pharmacist, who will be up on the latest.  Rules for this sort of thing are constantly changing.

The generic at Sam’s Club is half the price.  How do I know if it’s mercury-free like the Carlson’s?
Good question.  One has to read the fine print.  If it’s not there, check the company website.  If you still can’t find quality controls by independent laboratories, play it safe and pay the extra few dollars.

I take krill oil.  I’d like to give it to my child but she can’t swallow pills.  Can I cut one open?
Should be fine.  Krill is more expensive but much more potent than fish oil.  Squeeze it into something tasty for your child.

What do you think about fish oil gummies?
Expensive.   Lot of sugar, sticks to teeth.  Might be better than nothing at all for the child that has little omega-3 in their diet, but we'd prefer topical application for children with sensory issues that can't handle taste.

Can fish oil go bad?  How do I know?  How can I prevent that?  It’s not cheap.

Yes, it can spoil.  Your nose will give it away.  If it starts to smell like rotting fish, toss it.  Keep them tightly-stoppered and refrigerated after opening. 

My child has autism.  I’m afraid if we wrestle him down & squirt the stuff in with a syringe and he chokes, some might get into his lungs.  Is that a concern?

Yes, it is.  Any kind of oil can slip into the lungs and cause trouble if we’re not careful.  Don’t pry the mouth open and throw it in.  Offer a sip of lemonade or ginger tea to wash it down.

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