Myer's Cocktail magnesium chloride, B-complex, methyl-b12, calcium gluconate, ascorbic acid $175 
 Brainstorm pyridoxine (B6), L-taurine, alpha lipoic acid $150
 Get Up & Go Olympia Vita Complex, amino blend $150
 B-Lean B-complex, L-taurine, methyl-b12 $150
 Immunity B-complex, ascorbic acid, zinc sulfate $150
 Alleviate B-complex, calcium chloride, hydroxo-b12, magnesium chloride $150
 Rebootondansetron, B-complex, minerals $150
 Recovery Olympia vita complex, amino blend, ascorbic acid $150
 Quench Olympia vita complex, mineral blend, ascorbic acid $150
 Inner Beauty Ascorbic acid, b-complex, biotin $150
 add-ons include glutathione, vitamin D, and more

*$50 non-refundable deposit required when booking appointment.  Fee includes vitamins, all IV supplies, and nurse time.  Maria can also draw blood through the IV catheter for Bambini patients (billed to insurance).

In June 2015, she joined the U.S ARMY -- basic training at Fort Sill Oklahoma, then AIT training at Fort Lee Virginia and reserve duty in Bullville.​  In 2016, she began work at Vassar Brothers Medical Center on the neuroscience unit, and obtained her BSN degree with honors in 2018 from Grand Canyon University.  She then became a Certified Critical Care Nurse and a member of the AACCN in May 2021 while on the front lines during COVID pandemic.

Around this time Maria’s daughter developed severe mitochondrial disorder.  This spawned an interest in pediatric integrative medicine.  When Vassar re-opened it pediatric floor in April 2022, Maria joined the staff.   Her pediatric approach has been inspired by all the obstacles, fears, and nightmares  experienced thought the past couple of years with her daughter. Maria wishes to share her nursing skills and personal experiences to promote wellness for our community.

Wellness Infusion Services
As a service to the community, Maria offers the following menu of IV nutrients to not only Bambini patients and their immediate family, but also (depending on her availability) to all members of the community.  Brief summary of services below.  For details,
click here for our brochure or here for info on components.   

About Our IV Nurse  Maria Columbo, BSN, RN, CCRN
Although born in California, Maria grew up in Mexico.  At age 15, she came to the Hudson Valley to follow dreams of becoming a nurse. She began as a volunteer at Saint Francis, and shortly after became a nursing assistant at the hospital.  She graduated Highland High School as a member of the NHS, and then went on to get her LPN in 2010 from Ulster BOCES, and then graduated with an associate RN degree with honors in spring 2014.  

IV Infusion Services

Wholesome Care for Kids

Surgical Support Services
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Phone: 845-249-2510

available 24/7

Fax: 845-249-2505

Bambini Pediatrics PC

Routine Hydration & Covered Services
For sick Bambini Peds patients whose parents hope to avert a visit to the hospital emergency room, Maria is often able to start IV hydration, antibiotics, and other medications depending on her availability.  With not only her experience as both an ICU and pediatric nurse (along with a $2000 vein finder!), she is often able to help get these kids on the road to recovery.