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Perhaps the most challenging area of medical decision-making for parents these days is immunization. Each year seems to bring added complexities -- as either new vaccines become available or as new concerns arise about the safety & efficacy of those already in use.

We know there are only so many hours in the day. Researching this subject alone could be more than a full-time job. Below are a few links that are worth some consideration. But don't stay up past midnight reading through them!

Q: Which vaccines are recommended for children?

A: National immunization recommendations are issued by the CDC and listed here.

Q: What shots are currently required for daycare & school here in New York?
A: The requirements (not recommendations) are listed here.

Q: Is New York State tracking the vaccination of children?
A: Yes, the registry known as the New York Immunization Information System became law in 2008.

Q: Can you suggest a website that promotes vaccination?
A: Sure. VaccineInformation.Org. For even more info, go to Immunize.Org, which is geared toward health professionals.

Q: What about a resource on vaccine safety?
A: The National Vaccine Information Center is worth a look.

Q: How can I find out what's in the vaccines?
A: There's a nice list in the CDC Pink Book.

Q: Is there a balanced, middle-of-the-road resource?
A: Dr. Sears, the author of the Vaccine Book, writes a helpful blog.

Q: Is there information on exemptions for parents here in New York?
A: Rita Palma has posted information on this subject.  Our current policy on medical exemptions can be found here.

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