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New in 2017!

Beginning in spring 2017, Bambini clinicians will be seeing a limited number of new patients for help with very complex problems such as autistic spectrum , PANDAS, ADHD, auto-immune, and mood disorders.

These extended initial visits, which are on a self-pay basis, will be 40 min and are especially suitable for families traveling from a distance. A portion of these slots are for record review if you've brought them along and for entering notes in the medical record. Contact Mark or Dionna for scheduling or questions.

Some of the diagnostic tools we may use for children with special needs include:

  • Blood, urine, and saliva tests at Labcorp / Quest / Bioreference etc.
  • Hair mineral analysis by Canalt Labs
  • Genetic Genie, LiveWello, or MTHFR Support
  • Folate receptor (FRAT) testing
  • GeneSight, GenoMind, or Millenium -- for children on psych meds
  • Genova Diagnostic, Igenex, and other specialty labs

Therapeutic options that we may call upon to help children facing these complex ailments include:

  • Diets such as ketogenic, Body Ecology, or GAPS
  • Supplements such as vitamins, herbs, minerals, and homeopathics
  • Judicious use of prescription medicitions
  • Low-dose naltrexone therapy
  • Methyl-B12 injections
  • Somewhat extended courses of antibiotics (esp. for PANDAS); anti-fungal parade (for ASD)

We do not currently offer hyperbaric, IV chelation, or other higher-cost therapies at this time.  NAET is a strong possibility once Dr. Chen settles.  We often make recommendations for / referrals  to both pediatric sub-specialists and natural health practitioners as the situation warrants.  

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